August 12th 2019

You can hear my track “Iceborn” Lionsgate new movie “Angel of Mine” starring Luke Evans, Noomi Rapace & Yvonne Strahovski!

may 2019_DB_smasher.jpg

May 21th 2019

Dos Brains Third Rail new release “SMASHER” contains my new track “SkyReaper” co-composed with Alexander David Norman!

march 2019_db_countdown.jpg

March 15th 2019
Countdown is the new release of Dos Brains Third Rail catalogue, and it’s also the name of my track co-composed with Alexander David Norman!


January 18th 2019

Glad to be a part of the new Theta Sound release “ANTIHERO”


January 2nd 2019

I'm a part of EON, The new Atom Music Audio album!
EON captivates the senses with passionately emotional, beautiful, moving and melancholy themes anchored by modern cinematic sound and orchestral elegance.

Vol 125 Supermassive Apocalyptica_cover.jpg
maze runner.jpg

October 9th 2018

My track "Destinations" was a part of “The Big Bang theory” campaign on CBS!

October 3rd 2018

Sonic Librarian “Supermassive Apocalyptica” is out, and i’m a part of it with 3 cues!
#Disturbing Builds #Ferocious Finishes #Brutal

May 18th 2018

Just had the confirmation that "Jigsaw"  a track co-composed with Mathieu Hallouin,  Jean Gabriel Raynaud, and myself, from the Dos Brains industry release "Chimera", was a part of the "Maze Runner : the death cure"  trailer campaign.


May 17th 2018

Usage of our track "Dark Star" from the album "Immortals: Massive Hybrid Epic Tracks" published by Atom  Music Audio, co-composed by Fred Texier and myself.


April 17th 2018

Thrilled to have my track "Embrace your destiny" included in Evolving Sound industry release "Deliverance". 
Nothing moves an audience quite like a powerful orchestral cue.   Dark  and tense to rampant and action-packed, moody and subdued to rousing and heroic, it just can’t be beaten for sheer range and scale.


February 12th 2018

Evolving Sound "ROGUE" is now available to the industry, including my sound design cue "Hi Octane".
‘Rogue’ takes modern, edgy sound-design, melds it with engaging tonal threads, grating signatures and awe-inspiring builds, and serves it up in beautifully crafted, forward-looking, full-length cues.


banniere pubi.jpg




Jonathan Mayer is specialized in music for film, television, and video game advertising.
Some of his recent credits include: Maze Runner : The death cure, Destiny 2, Man Down, Kill Switch, and many more.

Jonathan’s music is represented by major Hollywood production labels, including: Evolving Sound, Dos Brains, Sonic Librarian, Colossal Trailer Music, Moon & Sun, Alibi Music Library and Atom Music Audio.



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